About LNS Fitness

Leaders of the New School Fitness is a reliable brand created by Javan Williams with the progressive mission to better others.  We are committed to helping others enhance their health, fitness, & athletic performance through programs dedicated to your personal goals. This company encourages team building, alternate methods of exercise and provides a community of support to influence your journey.

LNS Fitness influences positive relationships and build elite athletes. Athletes who will be able to refine their game and elevate their strength, speed, and thinking abilities on and off the field of play. Our mission, is to help others, "Become The Leaders That They Would Follow”, LNS Fitness and our team is here for you.


2 Locations:


1) 1891 Woolner Ave. Suite A 

    Fairfield, CA 94533


2) 6488 Florin Perkins Road

     Sacramento, CA 95828


(Willing to travel) 





1) DAILY By Appointment


2) 3-7:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays 

    OR By Appointment